wondering if the eq settings on your amp get overidden when you hit the pedal that had eq settings on it, or do they combine im not sure how it works i got a crate v18 with a metal muff wondering if someone can help me out here.
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they combine. Modifying your pedal's tone and the amp's tone together can give some horrible, or some nice results.
Ie if you have full treble on the amp and a distortion pedal on which you also boost the treble, you're likely to end up with a massively treble-y sound.
Same goes for bass and mids.
Just using my MT-2 as an example, if i put that through my rage 158 with my normal standalone amp settings (treble @ 10), it gives it a mental hissy tone.
If i use it on a bass amp at school, i can turn up the bass on both the pedal and amp and have it sounding horribly bassy.

Personally, i leave the pedal on neutral, adjust the amp, then pedal, then the amp again.

If you put it through the effects loop, which bypasses the preamp, but precedes the poweramp, you won't get such a tone. But then most of the pedals that HAVE an EQ should be used out of the effects loop anyway.

Anyway, using your loop, your guitar signal goes through the preamp to shape the sound, then THAT signal is modified by your effects pedals, then the preamp'ed effects-modified signal goes to the poweramp and out your speakers

Hope that helps.
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