I've been playing for about 5-6 years on and off, on this crappy piece of **** that i think is meant for a child. But I've been rolling in the bones lately so it makes sense to invest in something that I don't want to throw in a fire. I honestly know very little about buying guitars so need help. I plan on trying any recs at guitar center and then looking for a deal online. So my input if it helps:

1. Price Range: Honestly no real price range, but would not want to spend probably want to spend less than $1,000 until I get am a bit more educated. I am looking for value not necessarily something that costs 1,000...i want something that will last and that i can grow with.

2. I am tall, about 6'2 to 6'3, with very large hands...aka i don't know if this makes a difference, but its often hard to squeeze my fingers and some chords etc..but maybe its just cause of my small guitar now.

3. Look, no preference with look, but don't want it to look like a piece of ****, or have too much going on..

4. I intend to play everything: Classic Rock, rock, blues, a little classical...so whatever caters a little more to the classic rock feel ( i dont know if it makes a difference)

5. No electroacoustic, as my roommate has a les paul, unless there's one that happens to be particularly good.

oh, and steel string...

So any recommendations would help me a lot. Thanks!
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okay first of all, an electroacoustic has nothing to do with a Les Paul which is an electric. An electroacoustic is just an acoustic guitar with someway to amplify the acoustic sounds of the guitar. wow that was a bad explaination but it ll do.
As you are probably playing unplugged, i would recommend getting something with no electronics because you will be paying for 100% guitar.
A common response here would be to tell you to go play whats in your price range and buy what you like. Get the sales man to play a bit for you so that you can hear the guitar as well.
A dreadnaught shape would suit the style of music you like.


the Alvarez MD90 is one of the best deals around. for around a $1000.

Guild and Seagull guitars in that price range are also really good. Guilds are really under rated.
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