hi, can anyone recommend a good tutorial book for a total beginner on electric guitar, have seen dozens on amazon but not sure which one to pick.
id suggest you go to a decent music or book shop & see what book you like

if you understand what the book says (no gobbledygook & it explains everything well), and if it covers everything you need to know in good detail go for that one.

Of course if the shop charges a lot, get it off amazon when you know which one you want!

try before you buy mate! hope this helps!

EDIT ooh another thing, check out ZeG's ultimate guide to guitar (it on this site) it should have everything you need (for frees)!
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Guitar for Dummies
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Maybe you can take lessons, you will have a teacher who will give good advice and gives you a good course.
sure, teacher is an option, but wanted to learn the basics, chords etc. before shelling out 20 quid an hour. Getting my guitar tomorrow, cant wait.
Hal Leonard books are rather helpful imo.
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guitar for dummies in the end, book is about 400 pages long so covers quite a lot, also came with a cd which is quite helpful to check my playing against. Finding the book quite good so far.
i have a book called,

The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

its fantastic. its not a teaching book, but more of a go to book for anythign for guitar.

a few small bios on some of the biggest guitarists to
a chord dictionary,
playing styles
some theory (notation, scales, timing, appregios and such)
it also goes into detail about basic and standard electronics for your guitars and amps.

fantastic, i use it all the time and i highly recomend.
Hal Leonard's guitar method book 1 FTW
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Agreed with those who recommended the 'Dummies' books. Didn't buy 'Guitar for Dummies', but having flicked through it subsequently in a bookshop, rather wished I had. It seemed to be pretty straight and to the point, and had a nice, logical progression to it.

That said, I did pick up 'Music Theory for Dummies', and that was a really, really good starting point for me, because it wasn't to precious about the whole thing, and explained the basics in a nice, slow, unrushed way that gave me a chance to spot how desparately simple the core of it actually is.

On the other hand, 'UNIX for Dummies' is little more than toilet paper when it comes to UNIX and it's derivatives, and even more so when it comes to guitars.
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