So here I am, asking this question once again. "What strings?" I found some really good ones before, they were like Ernie Ball Custom Guage, or something like that. I remember "Custom" on the package, and the package was kind of a lime green. I loved them, but I can't find them at guitar center anymore, and thats pretty much the only music store around here.

So basically, I need to know which ones would be good. I play everything, from soft, light reggae/ska - things like Marley [reggae] and Sublime [ska] to Prog. Rock [Coheed. They called themselves progressive. Look around if you dont believe me] to funk-rock [RHCP], and all kinds of metal such as Tool, Metallica, Atreyu, etc. [Yes, I know Atreyu is more hardcore punk rather than metal, but w/e.]

I seriously have a really bad money problem, after I bought the Vypyr, and the Ibanez, so the cheaper, the better (That was another thing i really liked about those AB strings. They were fairly cheap too.)

Anyway, thanks. I hope I covered everything you need to know.
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I don't really knw, but have you tried D'Addario Strings? they're pretty popular....
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i bought some pretty good strings yesterday.
they were ernie ball custom 9-42's.
i also play ska, im in a sublime cover band.
so if youre looking for really good, super slinky strings, i would go with those.
theyre in a bright pink case.
theyre pretty cheap too, like less than five bucks.
hope this helps.
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SIT makes really comfortable and "quick" strings, ESPs come factory equipped with one of their models. Don't know which one, though, and I also don't know what they cost or where to get them.

Elixir Nanowebs are quite nice, but since you want to keep the price down, they're probably not an option.

Otherwise, D'Addario something. They always work.
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D'addario are safe
d'addario flatwounds are amazing
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I bought DR black beauties once and loved them, if you can find the gauge you want, I totally recommend them.
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