Hey guys,

I was wondering, what is the best way to mute the 6th string when playing power chords on the 4th and 5th?
And yes, a am a complete noob


use your thumb, or just don't hit it
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as a general rule of thumb (not a pun) you use your right hand to mute strings sitting above (higher string #s lower notes) the played strings and use your left hand to mute all the strings below. there are exceptions to this rule but for basic power chording thats how it goes. get good at keeping both your hands, or left fingers and right palm to be precise, right up on the strings when playing so that you naturally start muting all the strings youre not playing. it might help to think of it as muting the whole guitar between the two hands and think of what youre doing as un-muting what you wish to play.
i've never tried the whole "muting with the thumb", i just practice the piece slowly and gained good enough control over my right hand so i didn't hit the 6th string....
Alternatively rest your middle finger across the sixth to mute it, that's how I do it.
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All the tricks (above) work just fine. But in the long run when you are a good player, you just plain wont hit the 6th string. It comes with time and practice. By all means, use the methods above and in a little while you won't need them anymore! Have fun and keep rockin'!!
I either don't hit it, or use my middle finger, reached over the power chord.
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I just don't pick it at all (the 6th) =\ it's really easy, just try.
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i used to use my middle finger but now i barely ever hit it unless im alternating
rest your pointer finger's tip on the 6th string and as an added bonus your pointer will mute the rest of the strings as well leaving only exactly what you want. Even if you just hit exactly the strings you wanted, the vibration from them/the body could vibrate the other strings creating unwanted noise. As someone mentioned above about using your right hand to mute bass strings, that isn't really plausible when you are strumming a powerchord as it would needlessly tense up your strumming hand. When you are pm them it doesn't apply either as you aren't going to be hitting other strings. The right handed muting technique is better used when soloing.