So I get this spotless ec-500s (ESP / LTD), which it is other than
all the chrome pieces south of the neck look nasty
fingerprints and swipe like marks

according to the specs the hardware is black chrome
not black nickle which looks black on rally deep and shiney
black chrome is sort of smokey colored but also very shiney
the tuners are all fine no issues but the knobs, bridge, tailstop,
and even the jack plate look tarnished........... after removing all the hardware and cleaning it with chrome cleaner and polish most of the "tarnish"
cleaned off..... but now the Black chrome is little brighter than it used to be and not as smokey as the tuners but not nearly as bright as bright chrome

so my long post is to those that may know if black chrome is coated with something after it is chromed and the "tarnish" was the coating .......

it's as clear and clean as it will ever be for now


Dan T
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