Who all here is Scuba certified and where do you dive? I have been Open Water certified for about year. I dive here in South Florida and in the Keys. I have been in Hawaii as well and hope to do some diving on my cruise next week in Mexico and Grand Cayman.

I have also seen some pretty cool things. I've done a couple wreck dives. I've seen different kind of sharks, stingrays, barracuda, grouper, etc.

Like I said, who is certified and where do you dive? See anything interesting?
I am Open Water terrified. I hyperventilate as soon as my head goes under water in the ocean or in a lake. I can't even go snorkelling for more than 20 seconds without nearly suffocating.
Open water certified. I dive whenever I get the chance to. Sadly, I missed out on Florida b/c of a sprained ankle, but I did get to go to Akuma Mexico, which is amazing. The Cayman Islands may be up next...
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I'm not certified, but then I had no idea you had to be...
Of course, I live in Greece, so I don't think it makes much of a difference what with our bureaucracy being the way it is. However, I dive all the time in the summer, seeing as I'm from a coastal village and that's where I go for the holidays. (but I live in the city)!

As for sightseeing, there's not too much to see really: A couple of shipwrecks, lots of really small fish, an eel or two, a dolphin if we're really lucky, and lots of rocks....
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Yeah in some places you don't have to be. I wasn't certified when I went in Hawaii because they just don't care over there. For them it is a way to make money off of the tourists. In Florida and most of the other states you have to show your card to rent any gear or take a dive boat or anything.

I'm thinking of doing a shark dive in Grand Cayman. You know, where they feed they sharks and you just kind of sit on the bottom and watch. What does the pit think?
i live in southern Wisconsin i have been diving for about a year I've dived in several lakes around the aria. In Devils lake where i did open water training there isn't much to see except for some fresh water coral. Pearl lake near South Beloit has several wrecks in it a car, a bus, and an old WWII Bomber pilot training plane. I've been diving in lakes in Iron County witch is in northern Wisconsin on the border of Michigan's U.P. and all of the lakes there are very clear for fresh water. I plan on going to Cozumel some time within the next few years.