I’ve been torn for a few days between a few different pickups for my recently adopted MIM Strat. I actually like the pickups that are in now but I want an upgrade to Texas Specials, 57/62’s or the Vintage Noisiness’s. Instead of settling on one of the three, I wanted to put the Specials on my MIM, buy a Squire from Craigslist and swap the pickups. I figure some locking tuners could help with it falling out of tune, right? What do you guys think? Is the Squire worth upgrading? Swapping the pickups and adding the locking tuners should give me a more than decent guitar right?
i wouldn't buy a squire to upgrade it. if i already had the squire then i might consider.
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Is the Squire worth upgrading?

And it's SQUIER, not SQUIRE.
A Squire? haha.

Go for it? I cant see it sounding any worse than it already does. *shrugs*

I recommend buying a new guitar. You can easily find a much better quality guitar for a little more cash than a squire. ESP is a good way to go.
I upgraded mine halfway I put a new neck with locking tuners, it doesn't go of tune easily anymore. I just need to upgrade the tremolo and the pickups and I'm set.
Squiers can be good guitars, just as good as MIMs. But you have to try them out first. If you want a good Squier I'd recommend trying some out at the store instead of getting one from Craigslist, this way you have choices and can find one that plays well.

Some people hate on Squiers for no good reason. I've played several Squiers, both Strats and Teles that were both lower priced and higher end and found some that easily stand up to MIMs. Some were even better.

Squiers can be great guitars just like any other brand. From the low Bullet to the higher-end Classic Vibe, you can end up with a nice one if you test a few out. Forget about the headstock and price tag and the ignorant Squier-hating people who don't know better.
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I misspelled squier. I think I'm going to go with the Texas Specials on the MIM. And, I'll passively look for a squier or a crazy deal on another MIM and throw on the 57/62's. If the squier doesn't sound good I'll try to sell it or give it to my daughter when she's old enough as a starter guitar.
I'm scrapping the Squier idea. Just found a great deal on an 04 MIM Sunburst Strat. Found a guy giving it up for $200. I should probably get a new amp since my current one is awful. But, this is a deal I don't think i should pass on. I just got my 06 setup properly with .12's and it sounds incredible with stock pickups. So I should be okay with those for now. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. I'll have to wait on the pickups.