I would just like to know what all the controls do, the TS-9 has Drive, tone, and Level, but what do they all do? I normally use them all at 12 O' Clock, but like I said I don't know what they even do.

Well I know that the drive increases the distortion (obviously), and I think that the level increases the output, but I don't REALLY know what the level and tone do, so I'd appreciate some help with that.


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level controls the output and the tone controls how much treble is in the tone, the more the knob is turned up, the mroe high there is in the sound
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You have all that gear and you don't know how a pedal works??
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the level control is basicly an active volume control. turn it up and you get a relatively clean volume boost. turn it down and the volume gets cut. the tone knob acts similarly to the tone knobs on your guitar. it basicly cuts treble when turned down, and allows it through when turned up.