Hey I'm flying to Colorado (from Virginia) to visit a friend, and would like to bring my acoustic guitar, since we both play and haven't gotten to play together in a long time. How much of a hassle would it be to get my acoustic guitar on the plane? Anybody have any experience with this? I'll be going through 2 different airlines if that matters. Thanks in advance.
That would vary from airline to airline, right? Or is that an airport-based thing?
I don't know but I bet the other people on the plane are really gonna like you after hours of listening to you play lol.
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lol i don't plan on playing on the plane...though maybe i could earn some change if i did. or some ladies. aw yeah.

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I've taken my Martin acoustic as checked baggage on two trips (four flights). Make sure you have a hard case, and release all the tension on the strings if you want to.

Although it isnt easy when you are sitting at the window and you actually see the baggage guys tossing your guitar around, mines never been harmed.
you can check it in as luggage but make sure you have a case built for a warzone. i've taken mine as hand luggage and stowed it in the overhead space before too.
It could be used as you're carry on, just stow it in the compartments above you.

I was on a plane just a few days ago, and there was a guy who had his electric as a carry one. Some other person had what seemed like a violin in a hardcase as a carry on too.
everytime ive done it, i bring it with me when im boarding and a flight attendant will take it and keep it up at the front of the plane and then they'll give it back when you get off. that way it doesnt piss off others on the plane, and it doesnt get broken by checking ti undert he plane. id call ahead and see if that particular airline does it but im sure a good majority of them do
sounds like it's going to vary. i don't really want it to be a gamble. i guess i'll just call ahead. I don't know that i could let myself have it thrown around by the baggage guys. meh. thanks for all the responses.
I've brought my electric over the Atlantic on a plane numerous times, and another electric before that. I've never had an issue. On many flights, they even offered to lock it up for in a special storage area at the front so it would not get damaged by the other peoples baggage up on the shelves.

And yes, I've had it up on the shelves too, they don't force you to put it up front.
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Having worked for United Airlines, here are a few things to know.

1. Its going to cost you.

2. Make sure it's in a hard shell case, in the luggage pit things do fall. This happens when the aircraft lands.

3. You will not be able to carry on the guitar. All carry ons must fit under the seat or in the storage above.

4. you can carry it on if you buy a ticket. I have seen this don mostly with chellos.

5.Also now more then 2 oz. of any liquid, no knifes, make sure you show up atleast 2 hours before flight. There are cheking in cut offs, not to mention just navagating an airport with security check when your in a rush is like getting all the red lights when your late for work.

6. Drink on flight. Booze at 30,000+ ft is a good idea.
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I've flown with a few guitars and the only one that ever fit as carry on was my Les Paul and the case is really small. You won't get an acoustic on as carry on. Get a good case and like it was said above, relieve the tension on your strings because of the changes in air pressure it will go through. People travel with guitars all the time. Should be fine.

i've seen people take some really awkwardly shaped and large objects on planes as carry-on luggage, but i would assume they cleared this with the airline first and didn't just show up expecting it to be allowed.

the best thing to do is contact the airline and ask them how you can transport it on your flight.
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What part of virginia?

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6. Drink on flight. Booze at 30,000+ ft is a good idea.

Somehow, I did NOT see this coming.


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