Looking for a cheap Fender Squier or Starcaster or other strat copy. Doesn't have to be Fender as long as the body and headstock shape are accurate.
I'm buying it for a friend of mine who is going to repaint it to match a Hendrix guitar. He doesn't play...just a big Hendrix fan and thinks a guitar would make a nice piece of art to hang in his house.
If you have a cheap beginner's guitar or project guitar, or something you're looking to get rid of, let me know!
USA only please, as international shipping costs will be too high for this type of guitar.
reply here, pm me, or kyates33@yahoo.com
for 70 bucks you can get a full size strat knockoff at rondomusic.com. headstock is sliiightly different, but negligible if you don't care if it's fender.
thanks! i'll check it out.
if anyone has a used one they'd like to get rid of, i'd be interested in that
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