So I took my car in yeaterday with steering problems, I got it back late last night and what do you know I'm still having the same problems. They charged me 270 for a bearing and it feels like they didn't do ****. Now I bring it in again and explain AGAIN exactly what is wrong, they look at it bring me back there and ask what they want me to do about the SUSPENSION! I say "the steering is broken, you know the thing that makes the car turn" finally he gets it, or at least I think....now I'm sitting at the shop contemplating this place's demise...hmmm how should I destroy this shop? Ha
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Burn it down....


*Calls cops in advance*
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In the good old days of PS2 sony would send me out new consoles for fun!

PS2 just died for no reason? new console : )
Coffee spilt all over it? new console : )
Got pissed on in the night???? new console : )

I miss pissing on consoles : (
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Tell him he needs to rotate his shoes.
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Yup, a girl went up to me in my fursuit one time.

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