Hi All,
Finally, I have almost completed my first guitar stomp box effect.

I have made the common newbie mistake by wiring the bypass mechanism and destroying the bypassed sound quality due to parallel impedance.

My goal now is to make a true bypass for my effect using a DPDT.
I have read the great article by GeoFex about the Millennium Bypass and I don't understand some of the things there.

My wishes are:
1. True bypass
2. No passive battery leakage
3. Led indicator

As far as I understand, the Millenium Bypass does not answer my 2nd wish.

I would really appreciate it if any of you guys have any idea about how to implement this without using a 3PDT switch.

Thanks a lot,

I know that 3PDT is pretty straight forward.

My problem with it is first - access, I have no access to it where I live, and second it is much more expensive than DPDT + extra circuitry.

I would also appreciate to hear about almost-true-bypass solutions.

where do you live? those switches arent hard to come by, nor very expensive to ship. (i'm not trying to be difficult, just openly curious )

also, have you looked into installing a buffer circuit? i dont have any schematics on me, but it is what i think you may be after.
I live in Israel, I know I can get those in ebay in a fair price, but adding the shipping costs it adds up to more than 10$, which doesn't make much sense considering all the other parts cost me less than that.

I started reading stuff about it... but couldn't quite get my finger on the right one. I'd be grateful if you know which buffer configuration is best for the bypass context, I would appreciate it.