To play at my first gig? I've been playing for a year, so I need something that's not too challenging, thanks
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Roses are Red
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God Dammit Woman
Get Back in the Kitchen
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sunshine of your love.. its very simple and sounds good, plus every1 knows it
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I agree with the other two. But if u feel ur up to it and u have enough time try stairway. Sure not a very original suggestion but an awesome song.
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its called pure awesome

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Hi Ho Silver Lining? Its E, A and B with a simple but effective solo and a chorus that everyone will sing along to.
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Depends on the audience. Are they your mates or unknown people/
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Just like Yesterday

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don't do stairway - It is impossible not to murder.

do rollover beethoven,
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Try the Ocean by Led Zeppelin, My stepdad's old band used to open with it

Thats a good choice.
Or do the immigrant song. But, add an improv guitar solo, if you can. That will really show the crowd how good you are.
Takin' Care of Business by Bachman-Turner Overdrive
All Right Now by Free
Hot Blooded by Foreigner
Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar
Hair of the Dog by Nazareth
The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy

that's a few that I could come up with at the moment
Do Johnny B. Goode. Its very easy to play and you can adapt it to your own personal style....
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Yep. I agree, go with Sunshine of your Love.

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FIre by Hendrix isn't that hard of a song. The solo's basically just bending, although you'd have to improv an ending considering his fades out in the recording. Or you could listen to some of his live versions to see how he does them.
Yellow submarine (Beatles) is also very simple to play if you have learnt chords. But it's a little bit borring. Money for nothing is a real rock song and if you practise him, you could play the intro in a week.
sunshine of your love is great to do as a band

if you want to do some zeppelin(since everyone suggests that) whole lotta love and immigrant song are easy songs that the crowd will probably be familiar with.
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well that's cool as of now some us loves to hear classic rock songs...one of my favorite was songs of led zepellin.. i love it guys...