Hi!! Just asking this questions coz im getting a large sum of money in about 4 months and wondering if a custom guitar could be made by then... can it? but anyway i need to have a sexy jackson headstock that blends in the with the maple neck and it must be a randy rhoads v shape. so just asking if anyone knows of a place in the UK or that ships worldwide with the thing im looking for.

3 requirements:
1. Wont take about a fukin year
2. rr shape and jackson headstock shape(i think all of them have those anyway?)
3. well this more of a question, but how much does it cost for like a decent speced one??? (emgs, mahogany/maple, floyd and maybe gold plated hardware )

Where abouts in the UK?

Ask Jscustomguitars, he does some great guitars

and he's done a rhoads shaped guitar.

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Quote by Horlicks
Go to a smaller luthier IMO.
Feline guitars are very good.

This is what I was going to say.
Feline are amazing and will honestly deliver superb quality and a spec that would've cost twice as much with Jackson (all access heel and Bare Knuckle Pickups for starters)