I recenctly bought a Crybaby 535Q wah pedal and im kinda happy with it but what i don't like is that if i run my guitar into my amp and then go through the effects loop into the pedal the gain is SEVERELY cut out
like im not even kidding, the gain just disappears and it sucks for when i want to play heavy stuff

so i tried running guitar-->pedal-->amp and there's a lot of gain which is better but what happens is that there is a lot of buzz

normally there is a little buzz if i just crank everything all the way up like the presence, treble and resonance (and ESPECIALLY the reverb) but no were near as much as with the wah pedal so what's wrong??

is my pedal causing the buzzing itself of is it the crappy cords i use?
(when i use my wah pedal i use a fender cord that is pretty crappy)

does anyone know how i can get rid of the hum because i tried a noice reducer at Guitar Center and it SUCKED like it just made the guitar fade in and out in a weird way which is retarded
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