i wish long and mcquade employees who help young players buy their first amp DONT SELL THEM ****!! 3 years later, im stuck with my line 6 spider 2 amp, no one wants to buy it so im stuck.

I bought a gt-6 a while back, and now i can only gig with the house pa system and leave my amp at home cuz it sucks. So to eliminate the crap sound, i turned all eqs on the amp off, and used the green clean cuz it has the least colour, and used Global EQs on the boss to even the sound.

i have to mess with it also because i notice if i use a heavy preamp (5150, mesa red) and i palm mute, i notice a huge bass rumble after i play the note. Will the speakers break apart if there is too much bass?

any tips on making the line 6 sound good?
If the EQ is flat then you should be ok, as long as the volume and gain aren't maxed out aswell.
blow it up. one less line 6 is better for the world
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in reference to the thread title

yes, if you have any luck
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blow it up. one less line 6 spider is better for the world

I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Line 6 Spiders are just poor amps. There's no real way to make them sound like anything but a Spider.

I say save up money, trade it in, and get a new amp.
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