The Communion - This is my latest effort and takes on quiet an extreme edge in many places, with a few death/black sounding riffs in there. However I'm still an MDM man at heart, and that element is there as always.

I hope you enjoy this little piece which I have also recorded and uploaded to icompositions, - I will post a link to it in the Original Recordings.

Thanks for your time!
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the part at bar 49 and when it harmonized is my favorite part. Is the last part of the song all supposed to be clean guitars? I think it sounds kind of weird (the solo at that part sounds great clean though)
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Meh. I dunno. I just didnt like it very much. I didnt really see any black metal, and the thought excited me; I love me some black metal, so that was a let down... It was mostly just melodic death riffs...

Most of the riffs werent even that good. They were passable, but I suppose needed better drums or something to make them more exciting. The part where the snare just plays straight 16ths was painfully annoying; that's no way to attempt a blast beat, if that's what you were going for. The chorus melody was good, but it was too high and got on my nerves... It would sound better with better rhythms [more low end], or an octave down.

Meh. Average/Passable, but nothing special; I'd say a 6-7/10...
i don't really have anything that important to say because i mostly agree with what has been said.

i must stress this though, even though burning angel said it, the straight sixteenth note snare is just painstakingly annoying. most of the time if you are going for blast beats, it leads into a more melodic drum section, but in your song its constant snare for bar after bar after bar...
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