The Communion

The Communion is my most recent song and covers some material that might be a little too much for some people, so if you think you may be one of those people (i.e if you're just going to call me a blasphemer or something), then this isn't for you. However I'm sure there are plenty of people around here who might enjoy this - hence my posting it up.

I hope you guys do like this anyway - I feel it's the best I've written so far, and it's also the first to include some vocals!

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What happened with the vocals they sound out of whack everything else is good though
Yeah, sorry about that, I had to borrow a mic, as I don't have my own and it was pretty ****. There is a version of that song under my username on that site that doesn't have vocals if that seems better to you.

Thankyou for your comments =)
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