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Do Ya Miss Me?

I looked into my golden wives wrinkled lines,
each one contains a memory,
although only about four are of me.
I wanted so bad to speak soft nothings into her ear,
but i just stood there and waited for her hand
to become deadweight in mine.
they say you can cut tension with a knife,
well i disagree,
how can you cut through something you can't even see?

there i stood by the side of a woman i never knew,
as the doctor pulled the plug and handed me the bill,
I promptly wrote him a check,
and asked for permission to remain standing still.

This isn't my fault.
It couldn't have been stopped.
Oh your so full of shit.
oh really, well what the hell was i supposed to do???
well maybe you could've put up a fight,
maybe you could've actually hired a lawyer for starters,
isn't that something your supposed to do?
fight for the ones you love?
Fuck you.
Ha, you do
on a daily basis,
and sometimes you pay for people to do it for you. haha
"Would you shut up!!!"
hahahahaha smooth move shooter,
look how everyones looking at you now,
feel insane?
well i guess sometimes murderers feel that way.
I didn't kill her alright,
she was merely surviving,
you couldnt have called that living.
Oh and your so much better?
mr. couldnt get the one he wanted so he settles for the one he can.
maybe if you weren't such a flimsy piece of driftwood
you wouldn't be standing in the middle of a hospital holding a bill
you can't afford to pay and walking away from the only women that loved you.
Maybe you would be sleeping with Danielle tonight???
Remember her?? yea, green eyes, long legs, ginormous breasts,
mmmm. and she was nice too. ya know that song ya wrote her,
i bet if you would've played it for her she wouldn't have gotten away.
ya dumbass.

I ran out of the building
and when i got home.
killed the last of the whiskey,
killed the dogs,
they never liked me anyway.
strangled the maid,
put on my sons bill clinton mask,
drove to Danielle's and

Feel Me?

Tonight I laid down in the mud and
run off water from a melted storm;
I laid down with no agenda and without a
single logical reason for my actions.
Stared up into space;
watched the moon gyrate around us.
Saw the stars weaving amongst each other
and for a while;
it was so peaceful I could see the very fabric
of spacetime floating above me.
Vibrating slowly; with just enough effort
to remind itself of its omnipotence.

I cried.

For the first time in;
I cried like a little boy,
watching his first crush kiss his
best friend.
I cried like a young man,
on the day he realized life isn't fair and
he's going to spend it in a wheelchair.
I cried like an old man,
watching his lifelong partner and best friend
fade to a depth he couldn't save her from.
The tears were so warm and genuine...
they surprised the hell out of me.

Just then,
a star winked at me and a cloud
slid across it.
I have no idea what that means.
I've seen these both before and I always thought that zanas' piece was too sentimental and some of the linebreaks were poorly chosen. blue, on the other hand, shocked and interested me, so I read it again and noticed the care put into it.

blue all the way.
didn't care for either.

Voted blue, if only for the novelty.
I owe a ton of people critiques.

If you're one of them, please PM me.

I have trouble keeping track.