Ok, I didnt get the response I was hoping for so this time I added a poll.....

Poll: Favorite Place For Gear/Guitars
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View poll results: Favorite Place For Gear/Guitars
Guitar Center
14 19%
Local Shop
33 46%
18 25%
Other (specify in post)
7 10%
Voters: 72.
Same as before, IYO whats the best place to buy gear/guitars. Like I said, I love my local shop cause its pretty cheap and 99% of the time they have what I need. So Pit, whats your favorite place to get gear/guitars?
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My local shops never carry anything good or any variety and if you buy online you don't know what your getting and you have to deal with shipping and music equipment can be delicate so I went with GC
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I just go to whatever store i like best... We don't have a Guitar Center in the Netherlands and i live in a **** hole so i usually go to Nijmegen (not that any of you know but anyhow) theres this shop over there wich has cool ppl working and a lot of stuff

Id never buy something online cuz if it would sound bad or anything you cant return it without waiting ages
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Guitar centre.

Find the guitar you want and then go home and order it online for an infinitely cheaper price.
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the only music shops in my area are sam ash and guitar center. i don't like some of the people that work at sam ash so i just go to guitar center.
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