i have a crate palomino v3212 that i just bought near 2 months ago, and i was playing it, of course

and the distortion started to crackle in and out as i played fast. it would stay overdriven if i just played a single string slowly, but when i strum fast, it fades in and out of clean and OD.

i was only playing at about 2 and a half, with no effects, so i wasnt exactly pushing it. whatever it is, is it something i can fix on my own?
probably the tubes
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can you try the amp with another guitar and cable, just to check that, that isnt a problem?

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yeah try with new cables. and if that still crackles, borrow a friends guitar (to make sure its not your pickups giving out) and if its continued to crackle and stuff its probably the tubes. tubes arent the hardest guitar-related objects to damage.

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well i went and tested it, but without changing any cords or anything it worked fine, and i played nearly 45 minutes until now... so that solved itself.