Yeah, I don't know how to do it. I've tried learning some solos, like the first one in Phantom of the Opera by Iron Maiden, and I just can't hear what is going on. And then when I play it I just can't hear the solo, even though I'm playing all the notes.

Even easier solos like Black Sabbath I can't do. Is there any art to learning them? I've only been playing seriously for 3 months, but I've been "playing" guitar for 2 years and if I could do this I'd feel like I'm moving ahead.
practice practice practice, thats all you can do. If you can't hear the solo notes in the song, turn your music up or mess with your sound *IE I can set treble, bass, highs, lows, w/e to how I like it*, If you cant here the notes from your guitar, turn it up. If you can't hea the notes in the solo due to the fac tthat there is too much noise in the song, try using a powertab or Guitarpro tab
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Are you learning by ear? cos of course thats much harder and there programs that can slow down the song. If not i find it easier if you know the solo off by heart in your head, like you could hum the tune to yourself without listening to it. Then get powertab or tux guitar and download the tab and learn it section by section. and practise practise practise, start slow (although it may not sound like the actualy solo slow) and speed up. youll get it eventuallly - do not get put off.
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1) Get a tab program. Guitar Pro is supposed to be the best, but you have to pay to use it. You can also get PowerTab or TuxGuitar for free. I recommend TuxGuitar because it's like a free version of Guitar Pro. With any of these programs you can slow down the song and see the tab as it plays, which is great for learning solos.

2) I'm not that great yet myself, so I don't know what the Phantom of the Opera solo is like, but I can say that you should start with an easier solo. Even easier than Black Sabbath. AC/DC is a good band to start with. Their solos are usually really simple. Especially Highway to Hell, which was my first solo.
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Heres something I usualy do.(Usually using tab, if not most of the times)
1) I divide the solo up in pieces, learning the solo part by part then piecing it together.
2) I listen to the song/solo alot, keep listening to it to get it right
3) Always start slow, slow as if your half asleep, never sacrifice accurcacy for speed(or an illusion of it)

Just keep practicing, make sure your getting the notes,bends,hammer-ons,pull-offs etc. right.Never rush, always perfect things slowly then gradually increase speed.

Hope that helps ^_^
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the first solo i ever learned was californication. with 2 years of playing experience under your belt you should be able to master this solo, it's slow and melodic. check it out and give it a try.