Finally taking on my first full song with a solo and like expected am encountering some trouble with the solo.

Right now Im playing it by barring the 12th fret with my pointer and using my ring for the 15. However the 12 on the B string rings a lot and it sounds nasty with distortion. Is there an easier way to play this or is it mainly a muting issue. If the latter how should I go about it?
What I would do is bar the 12th but "lean" your finger on one string but not both. This will mute the string your not playing, and solve your problem.
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go on to UG TV, type in Kirk, and theres a lesson by Kristofer Dahl on that section of the solo
Pinky dude, its all about the pinky

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Its a pretty small stretch so I dont really need to use my pinky. Im not one of those people who completely ignores my pinky because its weak in fact I use it on the next part which goes


Thanks for the responses
Assign a finger per fret.. So yeah, like they all said use your pinky. Small stretch or not
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