I just need help reading this tab, its name by the goo goo dolls. I dont quite know what to play.


Its a little messy but because of the cut and paste but the version is here> http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/g/goo_goo_dolls/name_tab.htm

So does it go like this: I play the g string on 7th fret, then i play the g string 9th fret, slide to the g string 11th fret and play it once or twice? then how many times do i play the g string 14th fret? 5 times?

when you have something like 9/11 i know that mean slide to the 11th fret from the ninth but do i play 11 twice or once?

thanks in advance
It helps to be listening to the song because sometimes you can tell by how it sounds whether you strum then slide up and strum once you get there or just strum then slide. In this song, they're all legato slides, meaning strum the first note, but not the second. So for this example, you strum the 7, strum 9 then slide up w/out strumming the connected 11, and then strum 11 then slide up to 14. That's how it goes for the rest of the part. Hope that helps. Great song, by the way.
Also keep in mind the unusual tuning, if you're improperly tuned, it won't sound correct when you're playing.
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