Hey there boys and girls..i just completed my new song called "The Frozen Kingdom Of The Fallen Warriors".Its pretty dark and heavy.I was inspired by some northen mythology and "Immortal" etc. .I would realy appretiate if you listen to it and say your opinion. (its uploaded in my profile) (drums are in midi.I dont have drumming program ) C4C as always
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I really like your use of subtle delay in the intro, it really adds that ambiance that black metal screams for and really built up to the distorted guitar extremely well. While the guitar work is ace, the distorted tone is very harsh (as black metal should be but this was a bit too harsh for my taste) and it took away from the song a bit, from my perspective anyway.

It would go very nicely with some vocals or something because hearing black metal blaring without lyrics gets a bit boring after a while but you have the entire layout of the song and all down, just need some sweet vocals there to make it a masterpiece.

I really like the clean passage at about 4:30, it's like the song is telling a story and going through a journey, and an epic one at that.

Really loving your music, keep it up!

Can you please crit mine if you have the time?