so my band is in the middle of recording an album, and to record the first half's worth of bass tracks i used the DI out the front of my MAG 300 head.


i have an friend interested in buying my Peavey max 115 and with the money i want to buy an Orange crush 35b. how would the line out of the orange sound compared to the DI of the ashdown for recording

i know they would sound different because of the different tones because they are obviously different amps, but would the quality be worse because of using the line out?
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Mic your cab

For bass you normaly do both, as mic-ing a bass cab needs ALOT of calibration and high quality mics

Normal just best to go for the DI and get a modelling program like Gearbox
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I prefer DI with a balanced input (XLR). I find it gives the most accurate representation of my tone. If you do decide to go the mic route, you can do it fairly well with a Shure SM-57 (or similier calibur mic) positioned properly in front of the cab. As far as line out, I don't believe that will give as good a tone as a DI/XLR setup, but I haven't really tried it so I can't give a solid opinon there. If possible I'd suggest trying it before you go all in.
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Well first try out the DI on your amp head and go into the interface that you are using. If not i would say put a nice Shure or AKG(boy do the germans make good mics) there and mic your amp in a dead room or a nice padded room.
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no need to make a new thread about the orange crush.

anybody know the speaker out jack ohm independence?
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^Its usually somewhere between 200 and 600 ohms
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