Sup guys.

I just bought an old Peavy Pacer 150watt from a friend of mine, but the thing seems to be broken. In either input jack and in either ON position, it doesn't want to make noise. The only way I can get it to is if I crank the volume and overdrive nobs, but it's barely loud at all. Not even louder than the strings themselves! The master volume nob seems to do nothing at all. This is seriously interfering with my rockstarness.

I downloaded and read through the owners manual, but found nothing useful. Can anyone suggest something to try that may fix it, or a part to check for that may be broken? I'm probably going to open it up and take a look, but I don't really know what I'm doing.

You've helped me out before with technical stuff so I know someone out there must have an idea. Thanks in advance for any help!