I'm in a 3,000 piece (okay, 8) ska band, and I was looking for a *ahem* better distortion than what I've got at the moment. What I'm looking for is a "punk-ey" distortion, the Line6 I bought from a friend is a bit too harsh...

My budget is around $150 since I'm selling my old guitar to a friend. I was maybe looking at a EHX Big Muff Pi?
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maybe just a tubescreamer?
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I know of A LOT of punk bands that mainly use boss distortion and OD pedals so I would maybe look into those
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The Big Muff is more of a fuzz and is not very ideal for punk. Fuzz doesn't respond very well to palm-muting.
Mmkay, thanks for the feedback. So what should I be looking towards?

And in any case I'll be playing everything this weekend when I have money lol
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If I were you I would save the money to put towards a new amp. Otherwise something like a Boss OS-2 would last, only until you can get something better.


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BBE green screamer or an Ibanez tube screamer
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I have owned a few Boss pedals and they are ok. Not the greatest, but if you can shell out a little bit of money you could get a Keeley modded Boss. Living in Idaho, I haven't had a chance to try these out, but I hear amazing things about Robert Keeley's mods. A modded Boss DS-1, one of the cheapest distortion pedals unmodded, costs about $130. Although it may be cheaper to just buy a DS-1 and send it them to mod for $75. Here is Robert Keeley's site. He also mods BD-2's, SD-1 (this is an overdrive pedal, not distortion), Tubescreamers. Alot of stuff. And I hear that he does a great job. I am probably gonna send in my SD-1 when I get some cash.
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Hmm, that's a little more than I'd like to spend, but I'll see if anyone around here has one I can try out.

And would a tubescreamer have enough gain?
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I'm thinking a Big Muff isn't what you're lookin for.
A Tubescreamer won't sound fantastic though your SolidState Fender amp. It's not really what you're looking for, I don't think.
$150 is a lot of money. Do some research.
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I know that BOSS Metal Zones are actually very good for playing punk rock and hardcore punk.

If you want something a little bit lighter, get a BOSS OS-2.

Those pedals are good, but the best punk distortion ever comes from a Marshall JCM or a Mesa.
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MXR Distortion III would be pretty good for what you want to do.


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MI Audio Crunch Box
Boss DS-1
MXR Distortion II or III
Pro Co Rat ( maybe to fuzzy though)

That's all i can think of right now, although you might want to check out the newer Digitech Hardwire pedals, I've heard some good things about them.

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+1 for mi audio crunch box, its basically a marshall in a box
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