What other chords will sound nice with Cadd9, Em7, and Dsus? I know G, D, and Dsus / F# sound pretty good but are there any other variations of those that can get a good sound? I'm sick of inadvertantly writing wonderwall over and over lol
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B7. A#dim. Ebdim.
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Am, G/B, G/Bb, Bm, basically anything in the key of G.

You can also experiment with taking our notes from a chord, such as...

3x0033, which is a G with the B taken out. It also works with Cadd9, but you need to mute the lowest string(x3x033). These chords are just slight variations, but they create a slight difference.
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Am, Am7, C, C7, A sus2, Asus4, Gmaj7
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