that's my thread in the electric guitar section. my question is do 12 string saddles take up more space? i'd like to double up on the high 2 strings on my 7 string to make it a 9 string, maybe even turn it into a 10/11 string. for harmonious stuff on the higher stuff, and baddassed chunky riffs up on the lows. just wondering if anyone could tell me bout the size of 12 string saddles compared to normal.
i think you could make it work. i can't find anything on google...i'm gonna go to guitar center with a ruler
Is 7 not enough? lol

You could do that, however, without modifying the scale length, you will find that the strings will be so loose, they will be unusable.

EDIT: Just re-read and I misunderstood what you mean when you said 9

Doubling up would sound sweet!!!
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actually I think First Act has a 9 string,

I have the same layout on my 12 string.....

but look up the Mocking bird 10 string....that might work. Not sure of 12 string saddles for Electric guitar.

second thought....maybe the bridge of the double neck gibson/epiphone can help you out...I'll google the part.