I just got this guitar today, and I can only say how AMAZING it looks and feels. However, I do not have a great amp to reflect its sound to the full extent. my Price range is $200-600
And I would prefer something that would work well with pedals, small, and slightly not-so-small gigs.

For fellow RG users out there, let me know what has worked best and worst for you.
Thanks a-million!
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What genres do you play?
Are you willing to buy used gear?
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I play all genres, however one that can pull off metal, rock, and at least have a good clean channel are alright.
And yes to used gear, so long as it is fully functional
Beware : I am honest, but not brutal
you could try a johnson. they go for a good price on ebay, and are great amps. they're tube/digital modelers, so you could get a lot sounds out of it. a friend of mine had one for a while and swore by it...until he bought a vintage twin reverb O.O
you could look at the valveking if your definition of metal is thrash or lighter
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