How do i use it on my guitar???
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How do i use it on my guitar???
I'm going to assume you have a fork corresponding to one of the guitar's open strings. The most common by far is an A-440 fork, even though a correctly tuned guitar's open A actually vibrates at 110 CPS, a two-octave difference. Here's how I do it:
  • Strike the fork against a solid part of your body. I find the knee works best. NEVER EVER strike a tuning fork against a wooden or metal surface such as a table top or mic boom.
  • Immediately press the handle firmly against the body or bridge of your guitar. The guitar will amplify the fork and you should be able to hear it clearly.
  • While the fork is still sounding, tune the guitar's open A to the fork. Do not try to match the pitch - the object, and the only correct technique, is to eliminate the beating between the two tones.
  • Once the A is tuned, tune the remaining strings to the A in whatever way you normally do.

That's about it. If you take care of a fork it will last a lifetime. They're small, light, and don't require a power adapter. I never go to a gig without mine.

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