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Epiphone SG 1966 G-400 (full pickguard)
12 57%
Epiphone Les Paul Std (Ebony plain top)
9 43%
Voters: 21.
I am getting a new guitar in a month. So I am set on either the epiphone 1966 g400 or the epiphone les paul. I heard that the epiphone sg's have better quality and sound then a epi LP although the gibson LPs are better than the Gibson SGs.

I searched up on guitarcenter website and the g400 is one of the top sellers but LP standard is not even close to be on the list... wat happened there?

But some other dudes are all saying LP has a fuller sound all that, and to me, I searched for these guitars for a long time already, and I just really cannot set my mind to one of them, I keep on changing my choice, a week of sg and a week of LP, cannot make up my mind. It is making me so frustrated. And please do not tell me to go to guitarcenter and try them both out. I know and I will.

so does anyone have experience with either one or both of them? Please reply.

And also I heard the g400s all have a heavy neck, so when you are standing up, it is not balanced and not as comfortable. I won't mind the weight of the les paul although I know how heavy it is.

Thanks very much for all the help
everybody like's teh G-400 here, but i tryed one (the common one, i dunno if the 1966) and to me it was no better than my Yamaha Eg-112 that is a guitar half of the price (or maybe even less). I liked a lot more a Washburn X-50, mahogany body, 24 frets, H-H configuration, but with a coil tapper. for me, far better thatn the SG... and here it is cheaper...
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If you want a good SG for the price, the 1966 is the best you can get.

Too bad they don't make it in black.

Otherwise the LP Standard would be a good bet.
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thanks and by the way I play everything but metal, EVERYTHING but metal so yea which one is better?
I like the cherry color of the sg, so black is not a problem with me.
but what about the head heavy part of the sg? is it really a serious problem?
On a Gibson SG it's not so bad since the neck is a little thinner and they use higher grade woods which balance the weight better.

On Epi SGs though, it's a nightmare., I would still have my G-400 if it wasn't for the weight issue - that alone made me sell it. Epi SGs neck-dive like crazy and it will wear your arm down while playing.

As far as Epi LP vs Epi SG goes, there isn't a difference in quality. The SG will sound a little 'thinner' (especially on the neck pickup, in fact some people find the neck pickup on an SG sounds more like the middle pickup on a Les Paul than any proper neck pickup), and it will have less sustain (due to the position of the neck pickup and also the fact there's much less wood in it's body. The only big trade-off the SG has is it's upper fret access is completely unbeatable, even neck-through super-Strats don't have fret access as good as an SG.

If you're not shredding fast up on fret 22 though, this probably all means nothing to you, and the LP will probably be the better choice.
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kk thats a very thorough explaination, i think i will go with the LP for now thanks a lot
My recommendation would be to just get out there and see which you prefer.

The neck diving on the G400 didn't bother me too much, I just used a fat leather strap and didn't have a problem. They each have a unique sound and so it's really down to your preference.

I'd get the SG though.
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kk thats a very thorough explaination, i think i will go with the LP for now thanks a lot

How about you try them both and decide which on YOU like better? Maybe the neck-heavy problem won't be as much of a hassle for you.
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The neck dive on the SG isn't really that much of a problem,I got used to it.
I would say that the LP would probably be a bit more versatile though.
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Both are nice IF YOU GET A GOOD ONE. So really, you must try both in the shop and decide, then make sure you get the one you tried. This variation in quality is a known issue with EPI's. The '66 should have a very thin neck which reduces the head diving to a minimum. I'd go with the SG but because it suits the type of music I play most.
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