I really want a coffin case, but with different colors from the ones they sell online. What would be the best materials to use?
wood, nails, paint, felt, staples, buckles to close it. shouldn't be too expensive either. just try to come up with a funny response for when your friends to come over when its still clearly a very small coffin (otherwise that would be awkward to explain... tiny coffin...)
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Ello', I would recommend starting with a wood shell, then buying insulation Styrofoam for the insides, cover it with tolex on the outside and velvet, velure, whatever on the inside, screw some hardware on, and that's it, well at least that's how I do it.
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why the fcuk do u want a coffin case for?

Why the "fcuk" do "u" post spam?


TS, the best materials are framing lumber and plywood, the inside can be plush or shag carpet, and the outside can be tolx or natural wood.

Those are the standard materials but others will work.
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why the fcuk do u want a coffin case for?

Because coffin cases are the epitome of sexalicious protection for your guitar, so stfu with your conservative mumbo-jumbo
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Go to your local cemetery. Walk around blindfolded with a shovel until you hit a gravestone. Dig up said grave. Put rotting corpse in previously used guitar case. Use new coffin.

Don't get caught, whatever you do.
Coffin cases cost a whole ****load of money! I bought mine for $170.00, but, they fit warlocks perfect. Also, they make you look way coller, going to a gig, and opening your coffin case to unveil, A KICKASS WARLOCK!!!!!!!!! They are also very good for doing photo shoots with your band or something, they also can be used as a prop in a movie. I wonder how many people have lookind in the window of my truck and been like "HOLY **** OMFG HE KILLED SOMEONE!!!!!!!". Make sure to get the right fabric though, It has to be the right texture, either Purple, Black, Or Red. Mine has black fabric inside. Also, make it the right shape to fit your guitar, perfectly. Make some extra room above the headstock to accomadate 24 frett guitars, or 12 string bases or guitars.
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