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Original Crybaby
7 33%
Dime Crybaby From Hell
9 43%
Slash Signature Crybaby
5 24%
Voters: 21.
I'm looking to get a wah pedal soon but i dont know what one to get. The three I'm looking at are the Dunlop Original Crybaby (the $70 one), The Crybaby From Hell (the dimebag one) or the Slash Signature Wah. I don't know when I'll have the money but I would like to know what one to get before getting it.
So what's your guy's advice?
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Slash signature. I have a GCB-95, every time I use it, as much as I love it(my mouth reflects that by acting out the wah movements, very annoying since I'm also a vocalist, but fun as all hell. But back to what I was saying, every time I use it, I regret not saving and buying the Slash wah.

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the Dime wah is better than the standard by a decent amount
the slash one sucks
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get the dunlop 535Q.
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I've heard good things about morley wahs
anyone care to comment? I'm not too experienced with those
avoid the original one- it sounds terrible and has absolutely no range
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Avoid the Bad Horsie 2...

It has no true bypass and you can hear a minor phasing hum in the background when the wah is not in use.

So I guess you should avoid the Bad Horsie 1 and 2 haha.
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get the dunlop 535Q.

this. its pretty much the dime one without the useless gain function. i actually thought the jimi hendrix crybaby sounded good. but i was confused because hendrix didn't use a crybaby. whatever