All right, I know that many people are against the mg15dfx, but I like mine for practice. When I bought it, I didn't get a instruction booklet. Apperantely, the booklet listed some settings for theamp. How to get metal, blues, etc.

Does anyone have the booklet? And if so, could you tell me the settings it gives?

Or, could you give me some settings for like, blues-rock styles of playing?

I have: Gain, Bass, Contour, Treble settings; overdrive and clean; and reverb, flange, chorus, and delay effects.

Please help!
I'll pretend I can mod your amp but break it instead.
Prepare for at least 5 "Power switch: Off" jokes.


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i had the book and it doesnt really help. if you do like it just play around if you get the tone YOU like then you got a excellent practice amp
for metal you just scoop the mids and just put bass and treble and if you wish heavy contour
for blues i like to get some randy ish tones play around with the mids and keep contouring low have bass at around 2 o clock and treble at around 3 o clock

hope this prepares you for dialing in tones.

good luck!
first of all wrong thread, second of all really there isnt much hope, the mg series has very little tonal variation, going from clean to uber awful distortion in too small a gap to afford and light crunch or anything inbetween. it doesnt do metal well either cause it is merely tonnes of mud rather then having any definition required for metal.

sorry this sounds like a rant but its true, in general just forget about settings, a style is generated from what you play, not what you play through. a blues lick will sound bluesy no matter what, and so will a metal lick.
My advice is to just play around with the EQ until you find something that YOU like. You may find that you like a certain tone that really doesn't fall anywhere near the "staple tone" for that genre, but if it sounds good to you then thats all that matters!