I've been playing guitar for about 2 years, self-taught, still consider myself a beginner though. But I'm thinking of getting some effects for my guitars...I have a standard Squier Strat, and a Johnson electric/acoustic. I play in a band that kinda plays soft stuff... not much more than a little crunchy pop-ish distortion.

I kinda need some advice picking effects... should I get a whole-in-one effects processor like Boss GT or ME? Or buy individual effects? I like to experiment with different effects like wah, delay, and chorus... but I think buying all that individually would end up much more expensive than a single FX processor...

Oh btw, I live on a tiny island, with few resources, so I'd have to order most stuff online.
Links and advice would be very nice =)
You will probably like it better if you got all separate stomp boxes. What is your limit of spending? For delay I would go with a Boss, and if all you need is a little crunch, a Digitech Bad Monkey should do fine for you unless you wanna pay a lot more for an Ibanez Tube Screamer.
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What type of amp are you playing through, and what is your budget like?

I'd go for a Boss ME-50 (if you've got a good amp), unless you want to wait for the ME-70 to be released.


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I would definitely go for the individual pedals over a multi-fx unit...I mean you may get a good chorus on there, and a decent flanger, but the delay could suck. With individual pedals, you can pick what sounds best to you for each effect...but to each his own I guess From my experience, don't get a dunlop wah unless you plan on modding it. I love mine now...but it was crap stock. I'm not a huge BOSS fan, but some of their stuff is decent...albeit overpriced. For a delay, it really depends on what you want...analog=warmer tone, shorter repeats; digital=longer repeats, at the cost of some of that warm feeling. I recommend the Electro Harmonix Echo #1...great digital delay, has 2 sec. of repeat time. As far as choruses go, I've tried many and have owned a few different models. My board currently has the Electro Harmonix Small Clone on it. Overall its a great sounding pedal, but there isn't much adjustability on them.
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Well I definately don't have a high budget...$150 - 200 is my limit at the moment.
I'm using a really small, old amp at home (Crate GX-15) but at practice and gigs I use my friends' which I don't quite remember the make of. Delay is a minor thing, I just love to play around with it.

Although the DigiTech RP90 seems like a good choice for my current needs...plus, it's even below my expected price range, I think I'mma look into that one.
Thanks alot though guys =)
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