So I have been playing guitar for a year but I never really looked at music theory. I feel like if I really want to get better at guitar and really create my own music, I need a better comprehension of the guitar and it's notes. I have some basic knowledge of theory because I used to play saxophone way back when so I want to know if anybody knows where I can read up on music theory. I would rather skip the easy stuff and learn about circle of fifths and all that. Is there any comprehensive guide to music theory on this site or can anyone direct me to a link? Thanks in advance.
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About the only thing I have to add is you can click on Lessons in the top row of any page on UG and search for things that suit your needs there, too.

Oh, and a welcome to UG for BullSpit, the newbie who started the thread.

and a pat on the back for you, LazyLatinoRocke
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