i have a question. What are so good about line 6 pods? i have never heard, or used one. why is it so much better than other processors? i have a digitech rp90, how much better are these? are these good to get opposed to individual pedals if im on a budget? do they sound kind of digital and unauthentic like my rp90 can a bit sometimes?
of course they sound "kind of digital and unauthentic sometimes", it's a digital effects processor...
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the pods are a thousand times better than the digitech ones

probably 1001 times better.
Check out my profile for clips. Didnt know how to tweak it alot, so its sound 03493049 better now
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probably 1001 times better.

dont you mean 9001 times better?

/over 9000 reference

check my profile for clips of the pod xt in action

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The best thing about the PODs are is how close to the real thing they actually come. I haven't been able to compare alot of it but what i have it' not perfect but it's pretty respectable. I also have a Digitech RP 300a. It's basically a toy compared to my XT Live.
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