For my woodworking edge-to-edge project, i'm building a lap steel.
My question is about the nut, I don't know where to get an actual lap steel nut so i'm buying an acoustic guitar nut. My question is, can I just glue it right on top of basically a slab of wood? Or does there need to be a supporting edge to the nut to prevent it from breaking off under string tension?
Also, what kind of glue is used for nut gluing?
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What I did was buy a bone blank for an acoustic saddle, cut it to the correct length, then use a dremel to route a space for the "nut" and glued it in. I used super glue, but you might want to use regular wood glue.
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for a lap steel, you could take a 2*4 and take 2 pencils, and place them apart, and put strings over then, and voila. you have a lapsteel, with the pencils being you nut and bridges.

Lap steel bridges tend to be taller then accoustic bridges because they has higher action to make them easier to use. Some dont even have actual frets because of this. You dont need to glue it in because it is held in by strings pressure. You might want to recess it a bit to help it though, as the back half of nuts tend to be angled causing the pressure to want to tip in/shift it.