2x12 configuration
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Basically I need to know if it's worth the money and will suit my needs. I'm in a band that plays regularly so I need and upgrade in tone and volume. We play mostly Foo Fighters type stuff along with a few random covers. My one big concern is that I won't be able to play through it before I order it, as the Guitar Center and Sam Ash near me don't carry it.

So what do you guys think?
i've heard its a little overpriced.. what genres do you play mostly? do you gig often? whats your budget?
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Quote by Robino_Ibanez
i've heard its a little overpriced.. what genres do you play mostly? do you gig often? whats your budget?

I play a lot of genres, but basically what I'm looking for is a very good clean channel and a decent overdrive (I have a pedal that I love which can compensate). I don't want a metal machine and it has to accept pedals fairly well.

I made a thread a while back and they suggested this amp:

But that's only $50 less than the one in the first post. The extra 50 bucks seems to make a big difference in features.

And we gig about once a month now, hopefully more in the future.

EDIT: What about this one?
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Dude, they are the same.

I'd go with the Vox, meets your description of what you play.
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I don't quite understand why the amp is so cheap? Isn't it an AC50? If so, that'd typically make the amp a bit more expensive than an AC30. Not sure. Someone help me out here?
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Vox is weird about those amps. The AC30 is the best all around out of the series, and they know it so they don't price by wattage (like everyone else). I think you'd be better off with the AC30 if you can afford it.
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