im just setting up my pedal board and I dont know where a volume/expression pedal works best.

in the loop?
in front??
be specific...

Also, does an EQ pedal go infront of distortion/overdrive or after?
Eq pedal before distortion is my opinion. and distortion before wah. but thats just me, try all the possibility out. see what you like best
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I much prefer to put a volume pedal before anything else, that way it acts more like a volume knob on the guitar (which can need frequent adjustment, even when it's less than convenient to do so).
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I use the volumen pedal before my delay, that way I can cut the sound while still having the delay effect, like a tail. This way it has no effect over the distorsion gain which is something you may interested in, to get this you need to place it before the distorsion.

For the EQ also depends in how you want to use it. a) like a booster, b) for shaping your general tone, c) for thickening your leads... this 3 uses I can recall rightnow. As a booster I heard is better before the distorsion. For shaping your tone, keeping it always on, people use the FX loop and in this situatuon is not even needed to keep the EQ in your board, it can rest on top of your amp. For thickening your leads I found it works better for me just after the distorsions.

Also positions depends in how good it sounds for you, so apart from standard position for the different pedals it all depends on how (or bad) it sounds to your ears.
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i place it at the end, as a mute/master volume for my effected signal to my amp.
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