i wondering if the infinity 3 and 4 pick ups are any good?

cause i am left handed and the ibanez i am looking at getting has those, but if those are bad pick ups can some one advise me to get a different left handed guitar.

just post a link so i may see the guitar and what the price is.

thx much appreciated.
if you like the guitar then by all means go for it. Pickups can be changed with no problem.

I really don't care for the inf pups
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I have an Ibanez with Inf 1 and Inf 2 humbuckers in it. A lot of reviews I've read for them say that they're terrible. I don't think they're that bad, I actually like some of the neck pickup sounds I can get, it seems very even. Mine don't seem to have a whole lot of output, though. Again, I have the Inf 1 and Inf 2, not the 3 and 4. Try to find reviews for the guitar and the pickups by themselves and then try to form your own opinion. Most of all, though, if you can (you didn't say if you were looking at the guitar online or anything), play the guitar. Who cares if we say the pickups suck if you like the way the guitar sounds. Good luck with whatever you to choose to get.
HORRIDE HORRIDE HORRIDE pickups... OMG they were BY FAR the worst pickups i`ve ever heard. i had an Ibanez EX350 or something like that.

if your going for metal, put EMG`s in the guitar.
checked some reviews, seems like they work well for metal and not much else. never tried them though. however, if you like the guitar they come in, then the pickups arent really a reason to not get the guitar. pickups are an easy swap, and on a decent guitar changing the stock pickups can be good anyway.

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