Okay guys, I have been reading The Dark Tower series. I really want to see a film adaptation of these. It would be amazing. The Man In Black is simply the best anatagonist I've read about. How do you guys think a film version should be handled? I think that it should be shot in Italy for the Gunslinger because it was inspired by spaghetti westerns and that they should have Viggo Mortenson or Daniel Day Lewis as Roland. I can't think of who else would be good as roles.
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Dark Tower is just awesome. Film adaptions are needed.
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Well casting daniel day lewis would guarantee it an oscar. I think the producers of lost bought the rights for $19 or something, i think it should and could be handleing in a similar vein as to lost
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The first one was truly bizarre, and I never got all the way through it. But my history teacher keeps telling me I should give it another chance.

I'm still not sure WHAT the setting is, though.
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I'm only on the Wastelands (not even actively reading it, just read some from time to time in school) and I totally agree with you. There would have to be a thousand movies though. A television adaptation would be more fitting for length, but movies would present it better seeing as they usually have better special effects and all that junk.
I think a 6-8 Movie Series would work well. 4 movies (2 books per) would be a bit too cramped, and 8 might be to many. But yeah, I'd love to see a movie adaptation of it.

I really hope they don't give Eddie to thick an accent if they do make it, though

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