Lately I can hardly stop myself from daydreaming about preposterous fantasies of going back in time, and taking lennon to the present before he died, and told him, and showed him life of today, and bla bla., or going back in time to play alongside hendrix at woodstock, or help bob dylan write all the great songs that I already knew he would write, and then these preposterous impossible situations, i continually think about and extend into huge stories of how the rest of my life would turn out and such and everything, like becoming dually famous songwriter with bob dylan, lennon's life today, and even daydreaming and thinking about if I went to hogwarts. also, when some one says something either boring or very interesting I always find my self caught in deep thought about something unimportant said.
what do i do? is there something wrong with me? do you do this as well?

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Yes. You're the only person who daydreams about trivial things.

Seek psychiatric help immediately.
do acid
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

South Carolina Gamecocks

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nope I day dream about stuff like that along with situations at work and school. it's weird.
I hate to say this, but if you were playing alongside Hendrix at Woodstock chances are the performance would have been ruined.