I'm building a guitar that has two Dimarzio humbuckers (Air Norton and D-sonic), and I was just wondering if it would be necessary to put shielding of any type on the cavities?
I've only seen and read about putting that on guitars that have single coils but never read anywhere about it on guitars with humbuckers; I even read the section about shileding on that website called guitarnuts but it doesn't seem to specify.
If anybody knows about this please explain.
Humbuckers can still pick up interference. If you have some hum or buzz after you've built it: 1st check your grounding. Bad grounding/ground loops will always give you hum. If your grounds are good, spend the $10 for some shielding tape.
When you shield, make the control cavity like its own cocoon. Shield the whole thing including the cavity cover so when its closed its completely sealed off and covered. That'll be your best bet. Some people shield around the pickups too but I don't know I heard its unnecessary because its the top of the poles that pick up the interference there and you can't shield those of course.
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Ok, so does that mean that humbuckers are less likely to pickup interference?
Also what about company-made guitars with humbuckers, I've never seen any type of shielding on them so if that's because it has good grounding (I assume they do or they wouldn't sell them without it), how come some people need to make that modification to it afterwards; does the amp have any account on that or does the grounding somehow deteriorates?
Humbuckers in general are less noisy then single coils of course but there are also other factors too. How close you are to the amp, how much gain you're using, the electrical interference in the room you're in and so on. If I get pretty close I can hear my laptop through my EMG 81 chirping away whenever the hard drive reads so even actives aren't completely immune but they are a lot quieter. Having said that for me I like passives better and are quiet also.
You don't see shielding cause its cost cutting. They figure if you wanna shield it, do it yourself. Actives of course don't need to be, the pickup is shielding internally but if you're playing passives and hear a lot of hum then give it a shot. My guitars aren't shielded at all, and they're pretty quiet. I also don't have a huge amp and don't play at loud volumes or have a grounding problem or interference where I play so that helps. A bad amp can also make it noisy yes.
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