Doing a lot of upgrading right now. I bought a Traynor YCS 50 about a month and I'm in the middle of getting some new pedals. I still have about 200 extra for a new set of pick ups for my les paul. I can go up to 300 but would prefer between 200-250 CDN. I play classic rock(AC/DC,zeppelin,etc), hard rock and 80s metal such as Metallica. What do you guys suggest i take a look pick up wise for my gibson les paul studio?
higher output pups are gonna do better for your harder rock and metal, and mid output will do better for the classic rock spectrum, but you might be better just getting some mid output ones and use an OD for that boost in the heavier genre.
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any paticular ones or is personal taste? I have a Zakk Wylde overdrive pedal so I think i will end up going with the mid output.
I bought the hotrodded package from seymour duncan. its got an SH2 Jazz Neck and Jeff Beck Bridge. I play mainly the same things you do, and in all honesty, the JB may be a little too hot for what I want...its still amazing though I just think next time I may just get some 59s

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+1 for Seymore Duncan JB in the neck and Jazz in the bridge.