It's a 95 MIM, right?
Is there any difference between thoose with black logo against the golden or silver Fender logo?
Whats the difference?
looks like your average mid nineties strat
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mines got silver but it's from late in the year and they tossed an anniversary sticker on.

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Probably pretty decent, just test it out. I think (my cousin's is at least) but the 90's MIM strats were very nice
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be careful. those are the early issue Mexican strats, they were still working the bugs out. my buddy repaired another one of my friend's strat and the wiring was fkd.
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I use this site to decode Fender serials:

I own a 1998/1999 MIM and I love it, but play it before you buy.

PS: Not sure if the 1995 is included in this, but the late 90's/early 2000 MIM Strats have more powerful pickups in them.
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I have a 95 MIM myself. It's my favorite (granted, only) electric guitar. I've had a lot done to mine though, and I honestly can't find a strat that I like better.

90's Mexi-strats have the reputation of generally being great guitars. There will be exceptions though, so you definitely want to play it before you buy it.

To the best of my knowledge in '95 they were still making the parts in the U.S., and assembling them in Mexico. They have a different nut, but my guitar tech said he actually likes the nuts (no pun intended) in the Mexi-strat better. Also they are made out of three pieces of wood instead of one (not sure how big the difference in tone would be), and they are coated with plastic instead of the polyurethane paint like their American counterparts which will definitely effect tone.
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iv,e got a 94 mexican and love it have been told numerous time that the mid 90's strats are the best that ever came out of mexico if mine is any indication it has to be true