This song is a little plain and is begging for a lead guitar part or fills and a better solo (at least in my opinion), but I'd like to see what others think beyond that. Drums are done with a pretty primitive program so im limited with the sound i can get out of that.
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I really like this! The melody and the lyrics are great and I like the slightly distorted vocal tone. The guitar and drums could be better but theres nothing really wrong with them. I do think the song could benefit from more lead and a groovy bass line. The solo you have isn't terrible but sounds a bit out of place, maybe work on it a bit.

I also listened to One Act. The monologue in the beginning suited the song well and once again I really like the melody and overall feel of the song.

I'll definatly listen to your other stuff when I get the chance.

Mind critting my new song?
Really like the beat and distorted lyrics\voice.
I think the drum machine needs to be fixed - but thats not your fault, your doing the best with what you have. I think a real drummer could put some fills into the song and make it kick ass.
As far as the lead guitar part just put on some headphones, play the song, and fool around on your guitar, see what fits, what feels right where and when. You'll get it - overall through great.
Guitar sounds a bit over done. I can't understand the vocal very well. You might take some of your own advice on the lyrics. Not a bad song however. Just need to clean it up a bit.

That electric guitar towards the end was not good at all and detracted from the song.
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